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The Latest Trends & Solutions in Cannabis Processing

In today’s 21st century, we continue to see new innovative technology present solutions to traditional, routine work tasks. Especially for the cannabis industry, these advancements come with a whole package of benefits – improving the workplace by cutting labor and additional operational costs and even improving product quality.

Staying up to date with the latest trends in cannabis processing will help you stay ahead of a competitive industry.

From seed to sale, learn the biggest trends in the cannabis industry right now for cannabis processing – plus, understand how to incorporate these practices for a more efficient operation.

What are the Latest Trends in Cannabis Processing?

  1. Smart Technology for Cannabis Cultivation

AI is everywhere – from the information from daily apps on our phones to programming machines to reading product formulation, artificial intelligence is here to support and shape us into an advanced future.

In general, AI and smart technology are revolutionizing cannabis processing by helping to optimize specific points of the process. Extraction methods, real-time monitoring of quality control, and facilitating precision dosing for product manufacturing are all contributing to more consistent cannabis processing.

As a result, not only are general labor and resource costs down, but efficiency in the workplace increases, leading to more production of products per hour at a fraction of the cost.

  1.  Cannabinoid & Terpene Quality Control

Among all the new and emerging technologies to be introduced into the cannabis industry, what is more important is examining how these solutions contribute to the overall quality and integrity of the final product. Any cultivator or facility operator must understand that cannabinoid and terpene quality are paramount for product efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Depending on the medical or recreational state, cannabis testing has grown more specialized in how it identifies and measures cannabinoid and terpene content. Stricter testing protocols allow accurate content levels of compounds while promoting consistent and precision standards in this testing process.

Even more so, technology and solutions in cannabis processing are ensuring that during the automated processing of the cannabis bud or product, cannabinoid and terpene content is fully preserved and consciously controlled for optimal quality and freshness.

  1.  Emerging Sustainable Practices

It’s no secret that sustainability is rising as an important trend in cannabis. According to a survey report by PDI Technologies, 66% of US consumers surveyed are willing to pay more for sustainable products versus less sustainable competitors. Especially with the excessive packaging and plastics that are often contained in preroll products, single-use waste piles up quickly in the cannabis industry. Cannabis brands are altering product package design to include recyclable or compostable materials for a more environmentally conscious solution. Tubes, jars, and packaging for prerolls and products are designed to preserve the quality of the flower and also include child-resistant secure sealing.

More specifically, cannabis operators are implementing sustainable technology and machinery that contributes to a more positive impact on the environment.

For instance, PreRoll-Er offers a new pick-and-place robot system to automatically package pre-rolls in any type of container including sustainable packaging solutions.

  1. Vertically Integrated Operations

One of the latest trends in cannabis processing includes an increasing amount of vertically integrated cannabis companies. These are types of cannabis businesses that control and operate under every stage of cannabis processing and production.

By managing cultivation, processing, and retail functions internally, vertically integrated companies can optimize efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure a consistent supply chain. This approach fosters an agile response to rising cannabis market demands, as these companies have the flexibility to adapt and evolve their consumer preferences and regulatory changes swiftly, and all under one roof.

The Cannabis Business Times reported that the number of survey participants who represent vertically integrated companies in 2022 increased by 60%. While this move to make your business more vertical can be costly, the benefits and assured product quality control that come from it are more than worth it for your cannabis operation.

  1. Automated Cannabis Processing

Implementing automated solutions and technology in your cannabis cultivation or processing facility is likely the best way to convert a more efficient operation. Imagine all of the essential factors that go into a successful cannabis operation – there’s lighting, irrigation, humidity and air control, pest prevention and control, nutrient feeding and tracking, to name a few. Now imagine if all of these factors were handled manually, 24/7, and with no technological support or assistance.

Automated cannabis processing equipment hasn’t just become a trend in the industry, but a downright necessity. With the automatic help of advanced cannabis processing equipment, operators can shift their focus towards more crucial needs, while your operation efficiently runs and manages itself in the background.

Cannabis processors and manufacturers can implement high-quality, turnkey solutions like the PreRoll-Er Line – this all-in-one cannabis preroll machine automatically fills from the PreRoll-Er 200, then transfers, inserts, and applies prerolls into tubes for packaging.

Optimize Your Cannabis Operation with PreRoll-Er

The competitive landscape of this industry sets pressure on cannabis processing – with such increasing demands in sales, how do small and large facilities keep up with the busy market? Operators and cannabis cultivators in the space are constantly pivoting to apply new technology or advanced procedural processes into their operation, in hopes of accelerating their cannabis success.

Whether you’re a small batch craft cultivation, a cannabis processing facility looking to expand, or a start-up company ready to become vertically integrated – automation is a trending advancement in the cannabis industry that will help you elevate your operation.

Curious to learn more about PreRoll-Er’s line of automated cannabis processing equipment? Learn about our company’s leasing benefits for equipment and stay tuned on our blog for the latest industry news.


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