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Why Vibrations is Bad for Your Cannabis

Why Vibrations is Bad for Your Cannabis 584 487 Francis Bouchard

The PreRoll-Er machine never use vibrations to transport cannabis, discover why it’s so important! Once the cannabis is grinded, it’s highly fragile. When transported by vibration, the trichomes, also called pollen, can be detached from the particules of the grinded cannabis. The trichomes is the part of the flower that contain the highest THC. When…

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COVID-19, Impact on Cannabis

COVID-19, Impact on Cannabis 1024 555 cvli

In Canada, the dried cannabis represents 73% of sales in various stores and is constantly increasing. Thereby, the consumption of the pre-rolls is extremely popular among consumers. COVID-19 has radically changed our lifestyles in all spheres, including our consumption of cannabis. The increased consumption of pre-rolls could have presented a public health challenge. The more…

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