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About the Pre-Roll Er Line of Fully Automated Cannabis Processing Equipment

Learn how the Pre-Roll Er fully automated equipment works to optimize your pre-roll production. This processing equipment and machine transfers pre-rolls from our automatic pre-roll machine and inserts them in tubes with the tube labeling machine.

Optimize Your Production with the PreRoll-Er 200: Automatic Pre-Rolls Machine

Introducing the PreRoll-Er, a pre-roll machine for cones and cylinders with automatic and semi-automatic options. Our automated pre-roll machine produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour and works with all types of strains, including infused cannabis.

How Our Oil Filling Machine Works for Cannabis Processing

Pre-Roll Er’s all-in-one oil filling machine includes a liquid filler, a capper, and a pre-roll tube labeler. This automated pre-roll equipment works to efficiently streamline these processes in cannabis manufacturing.

Streamline Your Processing with PreRoll-Er’s Cannabis Flower Packaging Line

PreRoll-Er’s cannabis flower packaging machine is the ultimate solution to cannabis processing and packaging. Learn how the cannabis packaging line comes with a cannabis conveyor belt, indexing system, capper, and pre-roll tube labeler for efficient processing.

How PreRoll-Er’s Automatic Pre-Roll Tube Labeler Works

Our automatic pre-roll labeler can be added to other cannabis processing equipment and machinery for a more optimized and streamlined production. The automatic feeder and coder help for quick cannabis sorting.


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