The importance of storing cannabis properly

Why and how to store cannabis?

Too often, storing cannabis is not done properly: in a plastic bag with holes, in a transparent jar on top of the dresser, or even near the stove or heat sources.

Why is it important to preserve your products? Because storing cannabis improperly could reduce its freshness, and flavors and could increase the risks related to the safety of others.

Here is a short guide of simple, easy, and effective tips, which will allow you to better preserve your cannabis products and protect the people around you.

Generally, the factors to watch out for are:

– Temperature

– Humidity

– Light

– Ambient air


We suggest storing cannabis in an environment slightly below room temperature, between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Storing in temperatures from 15 + degrees Celsius assists the growth of mold.

On the other hand, trichomes, those small oil glands that give cannabis its characteristic shine and effects, become fragile and degrade more easily when subjected to very low temperatures, if handled improperly.


We recommend that you store your products in an environment with a relative humidity level between 60% and 65%. Some producers provide humidity regulators to insert in your containers.

Light and air:

Unlike the plant itself, which needs plenty of sunlight to reach maturity, light can compromise the integrity of the cured product if exposed for too long. This could result in an alteration of taste and degradation of trichomes and terpenes.

Keeping your cannabis in a closed container will allow you to recreate an environment conducive to its conservation. Even if the best container remains the original one, we suggest that you keep your products in an airtight container, either opaque or translucent, such as a glass jar for example, but protected from light. Light is a factor in early degradation of the product in general.

The importance of moisture content on ground cannabis:

A quality product should be neither too dry because it becomes brittle and separates from the trichomes, nor too wet because mold can take hold. Upon opening, some products may seem too dry. This is mainly related to the regulatory aspect. Health Canada requires that products sold on the legal market be stable so there is less risk of bacteria or mold forming, which tends to happen when a product contains too much moisture. Therefore, products sold on the legal market may be a bit drier than those sold on the illicit market.

Why does a product become dry over time?

When the product is opened, some consumers also notice that it deteriorates. Ask yourself why dry cookies get wet and wet cookies get dry. If you leave them in their packaging, they stay in their initial state for quite a long time. However, depending on the surrounding air’s humidity and initial humidity, they will either absorb or lose it once opened. It’s the same with cannabis.

Therefore, if you buy a product that seems dry to you, remember that the cannabis you buy is produced according to good manufacturing practices in the legal market, and since a product that is drier than what can be found on the black market, the purpose is to prevent mold growth during transport and storage.

In conclusion:

Cannabis in all forms is a complex product that needs to be stored under special conditions to stay fresh. An airtight container and a cool, dark place are the key items to remember when storing cannabis.