PreRoll-Er 200

Automatic pre-rolls machine. Compatible with infused cannabis

  • Weigh

  • Fill

  • Compact

  • Twist

  • Cut

  • Inject-Er

  • Final Weigh

The PreRoll-Er 200 is our company’s flagship product. It is a pre-roll machine for cones and cylinders with automatic and semi-automatic options. Our PreRoll-Er 200 works with all type of strains, including infused cannabis, and produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour. We guarantee a tolerance of 0.01 g by weighing before and after filling. Our machine can come with a direct oil injection system as an option.


  • Produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls/hour

  • Replaces 15–20 operators per shift (rapid ROI)

  • Produces both conical and cylindrical pre-rolls

  • Works with infused cannabis

  • Guaranteed weight of 0.01 g (weighs before filling)

  • Exit weight checking with reject station


  • Cones Are Auto-Loaded, No Manual Handling Required

  • Video Gallery On HMI For Maintenance And Operation Procedures

  • Visual Remote Access To The Machine With Integrated IT Camera

  • Extensive Statistical Data On Production

  • Advanced PLC + HMI Control Panel



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