Tube Labeler

Horizontal labeler for tubes and jars

The tube labeler applies label on tubes and jars of any sizes. The equipment comes with a tubes and jars feeding system that is easily adjustable. Combining Italian technology and North American sturdiness to ensure precise application.

PreRoll-Er offers a wide range of labelers for every type of applications.


  • Production capacity: up to 100 units/min

  • Adapts to all tubes and jars

  • Substantial quality construction

  • Motorized roller conveyor

  • Italian imported application head

  • Prism station for optimal precision

  • Automatic tubes and jars feeding system

  • Easily adjustable precise settings

  • Label height up to 100mm

  • Low maintenance / User friendly

  • Food grade aluminum and stainless steel 304

  • Fast and toolless change over



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