Monoblock Filler and Capper for Cannabis Oil

Our oil line is an all-in-one filling machine including a liquid filler, capper and labeller. The equipment works with droppers and spray bottles. The capper is compatible with snap and twist caps. Our oil line comes with many options, like a bottle unscrambler for automatic feeding of the line.


  • Volumetric Filling

  • Integrated Side Tank

  • Servo-Motor-Controlled Filling Station

  • 2 Volumetric Pumps From 15 Cc To 100 Cc

  • Star Wheels To Feed The Monoblock

  • PLC Control System With A 10 In. Touch Screen Panel With Programmable Settings


  • Accommodates Sizes From 15 ML To 60 ML

  • Snap Or Twist Cap Closure

  • Ultrasonic Fill Level Control

  • Made Of 316 Stainless Steel And Aluminum

  • High Quality And Sturdy

  • Optimized For Rapid Tool-Free Size Change

  • All Movements Are Servo-Driven

  • Complete Control



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