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With over 2,500 machines sold to date, PreRoll-Er is the top choice for your cannabis manufacturing equipment needs. Backed with validated solutions for your pre-rolls or other cannabis products, we are the market leader in pre-roll production.

PreRoll-Er cannabis pre-roll machines are specifically designed to help you save time and resources while maximizing your profits with a rapid ROI. Overcome the labor shortage by implementing an automatic pre-roll machine and other innovative cannabis machinery from PreRoll-Er.

Our main focus is to develop a partnership and grow with you by offering cannabis processing equipment and solutions. From our cannabis flower packaging machines, oil filling machines, or pre-roll joint machines, all PreRoll-Er projects come with a complete service with installation, training, and maintenance services.

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  • High-End Quality

  • Advanced Technology

  • Team Of Experts

  • Outstanding Service

  • Turnkey Projects

The Preroll-Er Philosophy

We believe in Excellence.

At PreRoll-Er, we accept nothing but the best. We hold ourselves to impossibly high standards – only to exceed them every time. With a background in culinary-grade manufacturing, our cannabis automation equipment and final products set a new standard for the industry.

We believe in Efficiency.

Top quality shouldn’t be hard to achieve. With our stackable and highly customizable pre-roll manufacturing equipment, we make scaling and producing best-in-class products easier than ever.

We believe in Education.

PreRoll-Er is more than just machines. We are committed to being honest partners in the success of our clients. Whether it’s in-person equipment training or educating them on the possibilities for their production teams, our skilled team of engineers, technicians, and more are right by their side with our expertise at all times.

Our Story

PreRoll-Er is a proudly family-owned and operated company, established in 2018. To this end, we are unapologetic in demanding equal partnership, dynamic teams, and quality products.

(L-R) Lorie-Ann Bouchard, General Manager; Harold Bouchard, CEO & President of PreRoll-Er; Francis Bouchard, Director of Marketing

As a cannabis equipment manufacturer, PreRoll-Er designs and builds all our machinery right here in our Montreal facility. We meticulously develop machine models alongside our research and development departments and engineering teams, centering the cannabis industry in everything we do. Using only high-end parts, PreRoll-Er machines are built to last according to the highest industry standards.

Whether it’s manufacturing parts, providing comprehensive automation solutions, or connecting with our partners on-site for training and business development, PreRoll-Er is committed to your success.

Get The Preroll-Er Advantage

With our expert team by your side, you can scale your cannabis pre-roll production without sacrificing quality. Don’t believe us? Download our FREE e-book to learn more about the 10 unique advantages you get with our award-winning pre-roll automation equipment.


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