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Ready to upgrade your business? With PreRoll-Er equipment, we meet you where you are. Everything is designed to help you scale your operation regardless of your current company size, facility space, or labor capacity.

Explore our range of cannabis solutions, including pre-roll automation, cannabis packaging equipment, product labelers, and more.

Pre-Roll Filling Equipment

Discover our line-up of industry-leading pre-roll solutions to help automate and optimize your cannabis manufacturing process.

PreRoll-Er STR (Starter Kit)

Take your pre-roll manufacturing process to a new level with the PreRoll-Er STR starter kit, combining the centrifugal force filling machine and the BoxFinish-Er. Achieve precision and consistency with a streamlined process—from packing cones to ejecting finished products. The PreRoll-Er STR revolutionizes efficiency, making it the ultimate solution for low to medium production.

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PreRoll-Er 200

Our flagship pre-roll machine offers automatic options for cones and tube style. With a capacity of up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour and a guaranteed tolerance of 0.01g, it accommodates all strains, including infused cannabis. Enjoy hands-free operation with auto-loaded cones and access maintenance procedures with this top-selling model.

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PreRoll-Er 400

Our fastest and most versatile machine offered yet, the PreRoll-Er 400 delivers the highest units per hour with uncompromised quality. Take full control of your pre-roll production, from monitoring performance to saving recipes, with advanced features like the Vision Quality Control System. Experience efficiency with the smallest footprint in its category, making the PreRoll-Er 400 the ultimate solution for high-performance pre-roll manufacturing.

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Introducing the brand-new Hummingbird desktop centrifuge machine. Packing 120 cones in 15 seconds, this cannabis pre-roll packing machine uses centrifugal force for optimal compaction. The machine offers a versatile fill weight range of 0.35g to 1g. With single or multi-user operation and an intuitive interface, this powerful device ensures the perfect density profile, making it an efficient upgrade for small and medium-sized operators.

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Transform your pre-roll manufacturing process with the BoxFinish-Er, a cost-effective solution to neatly prepare your pre-rolls for final packaging. The BoxFinish-Er offers varying finish options, such as twists and flat tops or Dutch crown finishes. This cannabis packaging machine is the ideal complement to filling systems like Hummingbird. Elevate your finishing process with this efficient and multifunctional solution.

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Cannabis Packaging Equipment

Check one more thing off your list with PreRoll-Er’s cannabis packaging solutions for all types of products, including flower bags, jars, oil or tincture bottles, pre-roll tubes, and more.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Upgrade your pre-roll production with the fully automatic PreRoll-Er-Line, capable of transferring and filling up to 35 pre-roll tubes per minute. Integrated with the PreRoll-Er 200, this advanced system handles 1 to 5 pre-rolls, supports twist or snap cap closures, and labels tubes efficiently. Our pre-roll packaging product range offers solutions for all types of applications, such as tubes, jars, tins, boxes, bags, and more.

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Cannabis Flower Packaging

Choose between a bagger or jar line tailored to your product needs. Our jar line includes a conveyor, indexing system, capper, and pre-roll tube labeler for seamless packaging. Explore our premium flower line solutions to level up your product suite.

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Cannabis Oil Packaging

Our oil line is an all-in-one filling machine including a liquid filler, capper and labeller. The equipment works with droppers and spray bottles. The capper is compatible with snap and twist caps. Our oil line comes with many options, like a bottle unscrambler for automatic feeding of the line.

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Cannabis Labeling Equipment

Streamline your cannabis product manufacturing process with our comprehensive and efficient labeling solutions.

Bag Labeler

Optimize your bag labeling process with the PreRoll-Er Bag Labeler. This model seamlessly applies labels to bags of any size at a production capacity of up to 70 units per minute. Combining Italian technology with North American sturdiness, it features an Italian-imported application head, and an integrated automatic bags feeder for better-than-ever precision for your products.

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Tube Labeler

Experience precision and efficiency with the PreRoll-Er tube labeling machine. Ideal for tubes and jars of any size, this tube labeler equipment offers a production capacity of up to 100 units per minute. Crafted with food-grade aluminum and stainless steel 304, the PreRoll-Er Tube Labeler ensures substantial quality construction for flawless labeling.

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Excise Stamp

Our excise stamp labeler is available in automatic and semi-automatic models for versatile cannabis package stamping on boxes, tubes, jars, bags, and more. Equipped with a hot glue applicator or pressure-sensitive label, it ensures precise stamp application with features like a pick-and-place stamp applicator, compatibility with various bag and jar sizes, and an adjustable height stamp store. This automatic labeler model meets GMP, UL, and CSA standards for stamping so you never have to spend energy worrying about cannabis packaging compliance again.

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