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PreRoll-Er 200

Automatic Pre-Rolls Machine

The PreRoll-Er 200 is our flagship product. The only machine that works with infused cannabis on the market.

  • Up to 1 500 pre-rolls/hour

  • Replaces 12-14 operators

  • Compatible with cones and straight tubes

  • Tolerance of +/- 0.01g

Compatible with all strains, including infused cannabis

Direct oil injection system integrated

PreRoll-Er 100

Automatic Pre-rolls Machine

The PreRoll-Er 100 is a compact design ideal for smaller floor areas. The 100 series work with infused cannabis.

  • Up to 800 pre-rolls/hour

  • Auto-loading cone with manually fed fed carrousel

  • Compatible with cones and straight tubes

  • Tolerance of +/- 0.01g

Works with all type of strains, including infused cannabis

Premium compaction and tight twist

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We offer all the equipment needed to automate the packaging of your cannabis products, from flowers to oil or pre-rolls.

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Manufacturer and Systems integrator – Cannabis Engineered Technologies

PreRoll-Er is a manufacturer of packaging solutions for the start-ups up to large operation facilities in the cannabis industry. The company offers ultimate smoking experience backed by top technologies. Our award-winning equipment, the PreRoll-Er 200, is the best-selling pre-rolls machine on the market. We have a team of experts to support our customers around the world with state-of-the-art automation tools. With PreRoll-Er, be the top picking items off the shelves.

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We have the largest customer based.

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