PreRoll-Er STR (Starter Kit)

Attainable pre-roll quality for less, a revolution in cannabis.

  • Fill

  • Compact

  • Twist

  • Cut & Flat

  • Inject-Er

The PreRoll-Er STR is the perfect entry level solution for cannabis automation. It is a pre-roll machine with high quality compaction using centrifuge for a consistent density compared to vibration. The Hummingbird is a quieter and much cleaner solution to fill and compact pre-rolls. Paired with our well known BoxFinish-Er for a high quality and beautiful finish with advanced twisting, cutting, flat top and injection (optional).


  • As low as $84,000 or $3,795 per month

  • Replaces 4-5 operators per shift (rapid ROI)

  • Production capacity: up to 800 pre-rolls/hr

  • Works with infused cannabis

  • Easy cleaning / Low maintenance

  • Compatible with 0.25 to 2g pre-rolls


  • Injection system

  • Extra pods for cone sizes

  • Automatic packaging machine for tube, jar, bag and more



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