21 Dec

The Cannabis Workforce Shortage: How Automation Can Alleviate the Strain

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, consumers are demanding more from their products. From quality to variety, the market is expanding rapidly – and as a result, skilled labor is increasingly necessary.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are struggling to find qualified professionals to help meet the escalating production demands.

A labor shortage not only affects the efficiency and growth of these cannabis businesses but also the quality of products out on the market.

To alleviate the strain on manufacturers, automation offers solutions to ensure sustained success in the field.

Keep reading to see how automation can innovate how cannabis businesses scale and grow in an era where consumers want more quality and quantity.

The Current State of Pre-Roll Production

Although automation is not a brand-new solution, end-to-end automation is quite rare in today’s market. Presently, pre-roll production is labor-intensive with manufacturers relying heavily on manual processes.

From meticulous sorting to hand-rolling joints or cones with precision, each phase demands skilled human labor. These professionals have to grind flower to optimal consistency, meticulously weigh the material, ensure uniformity in the packing of each cone, finish each joint with the right, aesthetic top, and so on.

However, there are not enough of these skilled cannabis professionals, creating a labor shortage that consequently increases labor costs due to heightened competition for a limited workforce. This shortage also decreases production efficiency and overall business growth.

A good automation partner will work with your business to prioritize your existing workforce while bringing your costs down through automation to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of your pre-roll production.

The Role of Automation in Cannabis Manufacturing

Automating your pre-roll production offers many advantages that address the critical labor shortage challenge. With end-to-end automation equipment, cannabis manufacturers can significantly amplify production speed and capacity, allowing them to increase output without sacrificing efficiency or product quality.

According to Lume, “We’re producing about 10,000 units in about a 7 hours shift [with the [PreRoll-Er 200].” As you can see, through automation, businesses can meet the surging demand for pre-roll products while also positioning themselves to thrive in a competitive market.

Pre-roll automation equipment also allows for greater standardization of quality, which eliminates the variability that comes with manual labor. The result is pre-rolls that actually exceed quality standards with every production cycle. This consistency not only enhances the brand’s reputation but also instills confidence in consumers. Automating pre-roll production also leads to long-term savings.

The reduction in manual labor costs, increased production efficiency, and minimized waste contribute to significant savings over time. In other words, automation:

  • Streamlines manufacturing operations
  • Increases product quality
  • Improves user consumption experience with consistent results
  • Mitigates financial strain associated with labor shortages
  • And more

Integrating automation in pre-roll manufacturing is therefore not only as a solution to immediate challenges but also as a long-term investment in the sustained growth and competitiveness of cannabis businesses in a rapidly evolving industry.

Automate your pre-roll production today

As the industry continues to juggle the workforce shortage with growing demand for pre-rolls (and other labor-intensive cannabis products), automation appears to be the clear solution for manufacturers that want to remain competitive and sustain their growth as a business.

The advantages of increased production speed, consistent product quality, and long-term cost-effectiveness make a compelling case for businesses to explore automation options.

With our innovative technology and comprehensive support, PreRoll-Er stands at the forefront of this shift to automation, offering not just a solution but a partnership in the journey toward automated pre-roll manufacturing.

Ready to get started? To take your pre-roll production to the next level, contact us today.


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