Tax stamp labeler with hot glue


Our UniLabel-ETAX stamp labeller comes in two models, automatic and semi-automatic. Our machines can easily apply stamps on boxes, tubes, jars, bags or any other products that need a stamp. It comes with a hot glue applicator with hose and application nozzle.

Key Features

  • Pick and place stamp applicator
  • Semi-automatic or automatic application
  • Compatible with bags and jars
  • Hot glue applicator with hose and application nozzle
  • Stamp store for various sizes
  • 500 mm stamp store height
  • Parts available for all bag/jar sizes
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Adjustable-height legs
  • GMP, UL and CSA compliant
  • Electrical specs: 120 V, 80 PSI

Highly Advanced Automation Features

  • Video gallery on HMI for maintenance and operation procedures
  • Visual remote access of the machine with integrated IT camera
  • Extensive statistical data on production
  • Advanced PLC + HMI control panel