14 Nov

PreRoll-Er Reality Check: Finance doesn’t have to hold you back.

No matter what your role is in the cannabis industry, one thing is very clear: financing is a challenge. As we await the SAFER Banking Act and hope for better solutions for plant-touching and ancillary businesses alike, many manufacturers feel like now is not the time to invest in automation. 

However, this could not be further from the truth. Despite the challenges, there are many options that will allow you to grow your business using pre-roll automation equipment – leasing programs being one of the best. 

With PreRoll-Er’s no-interest leasing options, you can reap the benefits of automation without the heavy upfront costs. In this installment of Reality Check, we’re breaking down why finance doesn’t have to hold back your operation from scaling through automation equipment.


Misconception 1: Automation isn’t worth the upfront cost.

Many manufacturers have trouble understanding the return on investment (ROI) with such a high investment cost in pre-roll automation machinery. The reality is that these machines can actually save you time and money in the long run.

Our automation equipment is designed to streamline production processes, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency, making them a sound financial decision in the long term. When businesses embrace automation, they experience a significant reduction in operational costs. 

The product consistency and precision provided by these machines lead to fewer errors and less waste, resulting in substantial savings over time. Automation also boosts productivity and enables companies to meet the increasing demands of the pre-roll market without incurring higher labor costs.

Key takeaway: The financial rewards of automation extend far beyond the initial purchase price.


Misconception 2: Automation leads to more defective products.

The great thing about automation is that with the right equipment, you can quickly and efficiently separate any defective products. Automated equipment can get as low as 1.9% reject rates, which is an unmatched standard when compared to handmade defect rates.

With PreRoll-Er, you can get options that are already equipped with reject stations, meaning that the machine does the quality assurance for you.

Rather than spending time (and therefore, money) manually checking for quality standards, automation equipment streamlines the process. 

Not to mention, the consistency and quality our machines provide help businesses establish themselves as reliable and high-quality brands in their industry. Customers come to trust your products, knowing that each pre-roll will meet their expectations. 

This trust not only fosters loyalty but also attracts new customers, further boosting your brand’s presence and enabling you to raise prices, save on materials, and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

Key takeaway: Investing in automation can help build your brand’s reputation and increase your bottom line.


Misconception 3: Investing in automation is impossible nowadays.

While it’s true that financing in the cannabis industry is extremely difficult, it is certainly not impossible. Most business owners struggle the most with high-interest rates on leases or time-consuming, overly detailed vetting processes that make it unfeasible to look into any type of short-term buying option. 

Lucky for you, PreRoll-Er has the solution. With our leasing options, you get 0% on 36-month term leases for our pre-roll automation machines, such as the PreRoll-Er 200. The 200 model offers high-quality results and produces up to 20 pre-rolls per minute with an accuracy of 0.01g.

We created our leasing program with your business in mind. Rather than ask for your grandmother’s maiden name, we’ll only require the information that matters – meaning you can scale your business with automation without the headache or the heavy upfront costs. 

As your business grows, you can scale up between our leasing program and fully financing your own PreRoll-Er automation machine for more advanced, high-capacity models, such as the PreRoll-Er 400. 

Key takeaway: PreRoll-Er’s leasing program can help you access automation machines without the heavy initial investment.


Grow your business with PreRoll-Er

The PreRoll-Er leasing program is a practical solution to overcome any initial cost barriers, ensuring that automation can be a reality for businesses of all sizes. 

Implementing pre-roll automation requires careful planning and consideration. Businesses should focus on integrating the technology smoothly into their existing processes and ensure that their staff is trained adequately. It’s a step-by-step process, and with the right approach, the benefits far outweigh any challenges.

With our partnership, you can get started with automation the right way, faster – instead of waiting to get cash flow or labor.

It’s time to embrace the future of production and make your brand a success story in the industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your operations, save money, and enhance your brand reputation through automation. 

Contact us today to learn more about the PreRoll-Er leasing program and unlock the full potential of your business.


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