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Automation Vs Manual for Pre-rolls Production with Lease Benefits

The cannabis market is currently expanding at approximately 35% CAGR – making it one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the last 30 years. The market is also rife with volatility and extreme pricing fluctuations. This makes entry into the direct cannabis-to-consumer market unattractive and fraught with risk. However, supplying best-in-market cannabis equipment to automate slow, […]

The importance of storing cannabis properly

Too often, storing cannabis is not done properly: in a plastic bag with holes, in a transparent jar on top of the dresser, or even near the stove or heat sources. Why is it important to preserve your cannabis products? Because storing cannabis improperly could reduce its freshness, and flavors and could increase the risks […]

PreRoll-Er, now on the Green Pages

PreRoll-Er is now a member of the Green Pages. The Green Pages are a directory for everything cannabis related. Created by LeafWire, a social media for the cannabis industry, Green Pages help buyers to find the best companies for all their needs. Divided by categories like Consumer, Networking, Operations, and many more for a better […]

PreRoll-Er 200 Named the Best Packaging Equipment

PreRoll-Er™, a leading manufacturer of automated pre-roll systems, is thrilled to announce its award for Best Packaging Equipment at the O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala. ‘’At a time when the industry is more innovative and competitive than ever, this award shows that PreRoll-Er™ is a pre-roll machine leader in the cannabis industry. Congratulations to the whole […]

5 Reasons Why Vibrations Are Bad For Preroll Production

The PreRoll-Er machine never uses vibration to transport cannabis. Learn why that’s so important!


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