17 Jun

PreRoll-Er, now on the Green Pages

PreRoll-Er is now a member of the Green Pages. The Green Pages are a directory for everything cannabis related. Created by LeafWire, a social media for the cannabis industry, Green Pages help buyers to find the best companies for all their needs. Divided by categories like Consumer, Networking, Operations, and many more for a better user experience.

PreRoll-Er’s New Partnership

For PreRoll-Er, the partnership with LeafWire and the Green Pages will help us reach more potential clients and create qualified leads. We’re also always happy to partner with companies that have the same mission as us, which is to offer exceptional products and solutions to the young cannabis industry.

About LeafWire

Leafwire is a safe online platform for the cannabis business community that allows users to share industry news, promote events, connect with business partners, find employees, look for investors, and find research on the market.

PreRoll-Er’s Connects to a Growing Cannabis Industry

As the leading distributer of cannabis processing equipment, PreRoll-Er hopes to connect with industry professionals on Leafwire and expand our network of clients and partnerships in the ever-growing cannabis industry.

To contact our PreRoll-Er support team or get in touch about our line of automated cannabis machines, contact our team of experts!



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