• 09/18/2020

Why Vibrations is Bad for Your Cannabis

Why Vibrations is Bad for Your Cannabis

Why Vibrations is Bad for Your Cannabis 584 487 Francis Bouchard

The PreRoll-Er machine never uses vibration to transport cannabis. Learn why that’s so important!

Once cannabis is ground, it’s highly fragile. When transported by vibration, the trichomes can become detached from the particles of the ground cannabis. The trichome is the part of the flower that contains the highest levels of THC.

When companies use a vibrating conveyor, the heavier particles move faster than the lighter ones. This results in an imbalance of heavy and light particles when the cones are filled and, therefore, inconsistent THC levels.

Producers needs to measure the level of THC in their ground cannabis before filling cones. If the producer over-manipulates the trichomes before or after filling, pre-rolls may have a higher or lower level of THC than that indicated on the package.

As an example, a leading Canadian cannabis producer has been sued by customers due to their product containing a lower rate of THC than indicated on their labels, for this exact reason.
“There are ways to dramatically slow degradation of trichomes by carefully handling cannabis flowers both during propagation and post harvest. By limiting physical contact and agitation to the flowers themselves, trichomes may be preserved on the plant for longer periods of time.” (source: Leafly)