Unlimited Series

The PreRoll-Er Unlimited is a modular system to grow at your pace.

  • Weigh

  • Fill

  • Compact

  • Twist

  • Cut

  • Final Weigh

The PreRoll-Er Unlimited provides most units per hour at the highest quality. You will be able to control every aspect of your pre-rolls production, collect date, monitor performance and save your recipes. We provide the smallest footprint in the category.


  • Produces up to 4,800 pre-rolls/hour

  • Replaces 40-48 operators per shift (rapid ROI)

  • Adapts to all cones, blunts, and straight tubes

  • Easy cleaning / Toolless change over / Low maintenance

  • Wide range of moisture level and grind sizes

  • Recipes / Data acquisition / Secure remote access

  • Redundant units for minimal downtime

  • Weight from 0.25 to 3g

  • Scalable to your growth from 1 PreRoll-Er 100

  • Optime uptime with less than 1.9% reject

  • Premium Compaction

  • Works with infused cannabis


  • Excess paper cutting and flat top (crown)

  • Exit check weighing system

  • Infused cannabis kit

  • Attachment with tube packaging