The cheapest option for pre-rolls automation.

  • Weigh

  • Fill

  • Compact

The PreRoll-Er 50 allows you to enjoy the quality of our patented compaction at a fraction of the price. The equipment weighs the cannabis accurately and fills the cones with our premium compaction. It replaces 3-4 operators and is adaptable to every sizes of cones, straight tubes and blunts. For the perfect economical solution, you can combine the PreRoll-Er 50 with the BoxFinish-Er.


  • Replaces 3-4 operators per shift (rapid ROI)

  • Adapts to all cones, straight tubes and blunts

  • Easy compaction adjustment

  • Wide range of moisture level and grind sizes

  • Easy cleaning and toolless change over

  • Production capacity: up to 500 pre-rolls/hr

  • Weight from 0.25 to 3g

  • Accurate weighing: 0.01g

  • Tumbler ensure consistent filling

  • Low maintenance / Service friendly

  • Unlimited recipes

  • Works with dry infused cannabis