PreRoll-Er 100

Automatic pre-rolls machine. Compatible with infused cannabis

  • Weigh

  • Fill

  • Compact

  • Twist

The PreRoll-Er 100 is a smaller compact design of the PreRoll-Er 200. The machine offers high-quality results in an ideal footprint for smaller floor areas. The PR100 produces up to 18 pre-rolls/min with an accuracy of 0.01g. Designed with advanced technology for a versatile and consistent output of pre-rolls.


  • Produces up to 18 pe-rolls/min

  • Very Tight And Uniform Twist

  • Modular design

  • Robust, built to run 24/7

  • Adapts To All Cones

  • Integrated reject system


  • Sticky Cannabis Tooling Kit

  • Additional Tooling Kit

  • Cooling Unit