Automatic pre-rolls machine


The PreRoll-Er is the flagship product of our company. The machine is a fully or semi-automatic pre-rolls equipment for cones or cylinders. Our PreRoll-Er works with 20 different strains and produces up to 1 300 pre-rolls per minute. We guarantee weight of 0.01g by weighing before and after the filling.

Key Features

  • Proven 15 months 24/7 of operation with licensed producer
    in Canada across 20 different strains including infused cannabis
  • Production of up to 1 300 pre-rolls/hour
  • Replace 15-20 persons per shift (short ROI)
  • For conical or cylinder (cigarettes type) pre-rolls on the same machine (check below)
  • 30 months of R&D, Patent pending technology
  • Guaranteed weight of 0.01g (weigh before filling)
  • Exit weight checking with reject station
  • For pre-rolls of 0.25 to 2g (easy adjustment)
  • Adapt to all cones sizes and brands
  • Pre-rolls consistency in shape and THC content
  • Compaction top and bottom for uniform density
  • Improve twisting station and advanced adjustable cutting station
  • Flat top premium pre-roll finish
  • Easy to clean to prevent cross contimation (auto-cleaning feature)
  • Fast and toolless changeover
  • Complete modular for easy upgrade
  • One operator for up to 5 PreRoll-Er machines
  • GMP compliant, UL/CSA approved
  • Possibility to stack machines for optimum space savings
  • Electrical: 220V, 1Ph, 3.3kWh

Very Advance automation features

  • Auto-loading cones, no cones manipulation
  • Video galery on HMI for maintenance and operation procedures
  • Visual remote access of the machine with integrated IT camera
  • Extensive statistical data on production
  • Advanced PLC + HMI control panel

Quality, Versatility & Consistency

Why vibration is bad for your cannabis

The PreRoll-Er machine never use vibrations to transport cannabis, discover why it’s so important!

Once the cannabis is grinded, it’s highly fragile. When transported by vibration, the trichomes, also called pollen, can be detached from the particules of the grinded cannabis. The trichomes is the part of the flower that contain the highest THC.

When companies utilize vibrating conveyor, the heaviest particules move faster than the lighter ones. This result in an imbalance of heavy and light particules during the filling of the cones. Therefore, the THC rate will be wrong due to a lack of trichomes.

The producers needs to measure the level of THC in their grinded cannabis before filling the cones. If the producer intervenes in the mixing of the trichomes before and after the filling, there’ll be pre-rolls with a higher or lower rate of THC than indicated of the package.

As an example, a canadian leader producer of cannabis has been prosecuted by customers for a lower rate of THC than indicated on their labels, for this exact reason.

“There are ways to dramatically slow degradation of trichomes by carefully handling cannabis flowers both during propagation and post harvest. By limiting physical contact and agitation to the flowers themselves, trichomes may be preserved on the plant for longer periods of time.” (source: Leafly)