Monobloc for tube filling, capping and labeling


If you want a complete line for your pre-rolls, you need the PreRoll-Er-Line, a fully automatic tube filler and labeller. The machine automatically tranfers pre-rolls from the PreRoll-Er, inserts them in tubes and applies the label. The PreRoll-Er-Line works with twist and snap caps.

Key Features

  • Connects to the PreRoll-Er to automatically transfer pre-rolls to this machine
  • Tube sorting system
  • Can insert 1 to 5 pre-rolls
  • Orients tubes
  • Cap closing (snap or twist)
  • Childproof pick/place/twist
  • Labels tubes
  • Tamper-evident
  • Coder for THC % or any other important information
  • Quality control
  • Reject station
  • Produces up to 35 tubes/min
  • Parts available for different cone sizes
  • Twist and snap cap options
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • GMP, UL and CSA compliant
  • Stainless steel and aluminum frame
  • Electrical specs: 120 V AC, 90 PSI

Highly Advanced Automation Features

  • Video gallery on HMI for maintenance and operation procedures
  • Visual remote access of the machine with integrated IT camera
  • Advanced PLC + HMI control panel