08 Feb

COVID-19’s Impact On the Cannabis Industry

In Canada, dried cannabis accounts for 73% of cannabis sales, and its market share is constantly increasing. Pre-rolls are clearly extremely popular among consumers.

COVID-19 has radically changed all aspects of our lifestyles, including our consumption of cannabis. Increased demand for pre-rolls could have presented a public health challenge. The more employees handle cannabis, the greater the risk of contamination.

Pre-roll producers are aware of the risks, but the dangers can never be completely eliminated. Learn about the direct impacts the COVID-19 pandemic had on the cannabis industry. 

How did COVID-19 Impact the Cannabis Industry?

  • Shift in Consumer Behavior

COVID-19 influenced consumer behavior by shifting some individuals to use cannabis for stress relief during the anxious times of the pandemic. This spike in demand affected product preferences popular during this time.

  • Cannabis as an Essential Business

Some regions witnessed changes in cannabis regulations in response to the pandemic, like areas that deemed cannabis as essential businesses during lockdowns.

  • E-commerce Growth

Online sales of cannabis products saw a noticeable increase with lockdowns and social distancing measures in place.

  • Market & Finance Challenges

Both large corporations and small businesses faced financial challenges as a result of the economic downturn during the pandemic.

Cannabis Solutions in Unprecedented Times

Preformed cones are quickly becoming the safest option for consuming cannabis. These cones eliminate the step of rolling, which cannot be done easily with a machine.

  • As an example, in August 2020, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) in Michigan issued a recall on over 3,000 pre-rolls after a factory worker licked a pre-roll during the rolling process.

That’s why at PreRoll-Er, we offer all the machines needed to produce pre-rolls, from cones to finished products, completely automatically, without any manual handling. As a producer, it’s your responsibility to protect your customers, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Optimize Your Cannabis Production with PreRoll-Er

The insightful solutions to cannabis processing offered by PreRoll-Er offer a valuable glimpse into the challenges and adaptations within the industry. What sets PreRoll-Er apart is our commitment to staying ahead of the curve through various innovative strategies. To learn more about PreRoll-Er cannabis manufacturing solutions, view our client testimonials or contact our team today.


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