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Automating Your Operation for Infused Pre-Roll Production

It’s no secret that pre-rolls have increased in popularity, despite years of relatively flat growth in the market. In Canada, the product category is the second largest, and a recent report, revealed that infused pre-rolls have grown tremendously from 6.2% of total sales in January 2022 to 29.8% by February 2023, a growth rate of […]

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The Latest Trends & Solutions in Cannabis Processing

In today’s 21st century, we continue to see new innovative technology present solutions to traditional, routine work tasks. Especially for the cannabis industry, these advancements come with a whole package of benefits – improving the workplace by cutting labor and additional operational costs and even improving product quality. Staying up to date with the latest […]

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PreRoll-Er Reality Check: Is hand-rolled always better?

When it comes to pre-rolls, there’s a mystical element around the rolling process. Consumers enjoy them because they’re not the ones who have to put in the work, but somehow, it feels better to know you have a hand-rolled joint…or does it? Dispensary owners are noticing that consumers have responded with surging interest in infused […]

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The Cannabis Workforce Shortage: How Automation Can Alleviate the Strain

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, consumers are demanding more from their products. From quality to variety, the market is expanding rapidly – and as a result, skilled labor is increasingly necessary. Unfortunately, manufacturers are struggling to find qualified professionals to help meet the escalating production demands. A labor shortage not only affects the […]

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What the French-Canadians Can Teach Us About Rolling a Proper Pre-Roll

In Quebec, Canada, where companies engaged in scientific (including tech) research and development can often qualify for generous refundable tax credits, engineering excellence abounds. One of the region’s top packaging manufacturing companies is using its expertise, precision engineering, and incentives, to develop the world’s most flexible automated pre-roll making machine.   A 25-year veteran in […]

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