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Automation Vs Manual for Pre-rolls Production with Lease Benefits

The cannabis market is currently expanding at approximately 35% CAGR – making it one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the last 30 years. The market is also rife with volatility and extreme pricing fluctuations. This makes entry into the direct cannabis-to-consumer market unattractive and fraught with risk. However, supplying best-in-market cannabis equipment to automate slow, manual processes and packaging is a unique and significant opportunity.

Unique Cannabis Market Conditions in the USA

Cannabis cannot cross state lines.

  • Each cannabis facility within a state needs to produce a product for that individual state. This creates a need for significantly more automated cannabis equipment that traditional businesses do not have. Most businesses use equipment to maximize capacity on one to three shifts and ship products to other states or other countries.
  •  Since each state is geo-fenced, meaning even MSOs who operate in several connecting states will need to buy automated pre roll equipment for each state in which they operate.
  • This inability to cross state lines creates a need for significantly more cannabis automation and packaging equipment.

Labor for Cannabis Manufacturing is challenging to find, expensive to train, and difficult to retain.

  • Manufacturing prerolls is a time-consuming process that requires an operator to focus on a repetitive task for 8-10 hours daily. A trained operator can fill, weigh, and crown 300-400 prerolls daily.

Cannabis is sold at a value proposition of Price / Gram.

  • In most emerging cannabis markets, the consumer purchases cannabis based on the highest amount of THC for the lowest price. This quickly creates a race to produce quality products as inexpensively as possible. Automation in cannabis processing equipment reduces the cost of labor by over 88%.

What are the Benefits of Automation in Preroll Packaging & Production?

350 units per day Manual vs 1000+ per hour Automated preroll production.

– 88%+ reduction in labor cost for preroll manufacturing

– Reduction from 16 cannabis employees to 2 for 100,000 units monthly

5% shrinkage due to loss is common in Manual fill processes

– Knocking joints in a traditional KnockBox create a loss of ~5% of the cannabis flower material.

Automation equipment measures the amount of material in each PRJ assuring accuracy and eliminating 5% overfill.

– A manual fill and crown preroll production process typically “overfills” by 5-10%

An Automatic Preroll Machine reduces the cost per unit sold by 15%-20%

– Creating a low-cost high-quality product is essential in cannabis for market share.

A Fully Automated Preroll Machine creates Contract Manufacturing and White labeling.

– Successful cannabis brands from other states will seek out high-quality low-cost manufacturers to create their products and sell into the local market.

What are the Benefits of a Cannabis Equipment Leasing Program?

Low cost of Entry

– Many cannabis companies are cash-constrained and cannot purchase equipment for $300-500K.

Up to 100,000 units per month can be produced by a single operator.

Run your rate of preroll manufacturing up to 1,300 units per hour

Payments out of cash flow savings

– Significant labor savings (up to 88%) provide cash flow for automated preroll equipment and provide the customer with significant additional profits.

Cannabis Preroll Machine Maintenance and Service included

– One price for our cannabis preroll and packaging machines, with no unexpected charges or significant downtime.

What are the Benefits of a Cannabis Equipment Leasing Program for Manufacturers?

On top of the benefits of leasing equipment listed for customers above, manufacturers can benefit from our automated cannabis equipment solutions, including:

  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Recurring monthly revenue
  • Machine margins of 100%-200%
  • Payments based on monthly minimum or based on volume

PreRoll-Er’s Automatic Cannabis Preroll Machine

Our PreRoll-Er 200 is an automatic cannabis preroll machine that works with all cannabis strains, including infused cannabis flower. Some of the highlights of the PreRoll-Er’s flagship preroll machine include:

  • Produces Up To 1,300 Pre-Rolls/Hour
  • Replaces 15–20 Operators Per Shift (Rapid ROI)
  • Produces Both Conical And Cylindrical Pre-Rolls
  • 30 Months Of R&D, Patent Pending Technology
  • Guaranteed Weight Of 0.01 G (Weighs Before Filling)
  • Exit Weight Checking With Reject Station

Looking for an automatic preroll machine on a larger or smaller scale, or an automated cannabis equipment for another step in cannabis processing – browse our full inventory of cannabis machines.

Interested in PreRoll-Er’s Automated Cannabis Preroll Machine Solutions?

No matter if you’re a cannabis processing facility looking to scale up, or a manufacturing company looking to start up in the industry, PreRoll-Er is a leading provider of top quality, innovative cannabis production equipment for preroll and packaging solutions.

Learn more about our leasing program for both customers and manufacturers looking to optimize their preroll production and packaging. Contact PreRoll-Er for more information on our automated cannabis processing solutions today!


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