• 01/15/2021

A New Trend: The Mini Pre-rolls

A New Trend: The Mini Pre-rolls

A New Trend: The Mini Pre-rolls 1024 1024 Francis Bouchard

The end of 2020 saw an increase in interest in small pre-rolls, and 0.25 g and 0.35 g sizes are increasingly popular among consumers. Most of the pre-rolls on the market are 0.7 g to 1 g, which is not in line with consumer demand.

The pandemic has turned all our lives upside down. More users tend to consume cannabis alone and therefore want smaller quantities. Larger pre-rolls take longer to smoke and may be too potent for occasional smokers who can no longer share their cannabis when consuming.

The increase in supply cannot be explained by growing demand alone. First, companies are increasingly able to automate their production of pre-rolls. In the past, the production costs for each product were very high, since everything was done by hand or semi-automated. New automation solutions allow companies to save big on production costs and by the same token, easily produce pre-rolls from 0.25 g to 0.35 g.

The wholesale price of marijuana was on the decline for several years, but it has recently started to rebound. In response, some producers have shifted their focus to smaller pre-rolls.
Our machine, the PreRoll-Er, can produce pre-rolls of 0.25 g to 2 g, which perfectly responds to this new trend. Thanks to the extreme precision of the PreRoll-Er, producing mini pre-rolls is easy and efficient.